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Weight: 18lb or 8kg

1 Spin Tornado Device (38 cm)

1 Spin Tornado Remote Control

1 Spin Tornado charger

1 Carrying Backpack (Might differ from the one on the photo.)


The appearance of the device bought might be different from the one in the pictures. The developer has reserved the right to make changes to the design of the device to improve the devices and performance and user experience.

Spin Tornado (38cm) Carry Kit

SKU: 0002
  • This is a vestibular system training device used in figure skating, boxing, gymnastics, and other sports that require great coordination skills and high speeds. This device is easy to use. Comes with connected wireless remote control. The device has 3 RPM modes set up for different weights and experience levels. The top of the device features a durable non-slip rubber coating, the bottom coating ensures the stability of the device while in use. The base of the training machine is covered in carbon fiber vinyl. The device is built from biodegradable plastic, which makes it eco friendly. 

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